Chatamo enables businesses to create intelligent voice and chatbots for marketing, sales and customer support. By using it, companies can build one bot to distribute across multiple channels. Worked in collaboration with StudioDotInfo to finesse the user flows and set the look and feel.
Responsive Web App
Interface Design
Design System


Chatamo's AI can create customer-friendly conversation logic around the question and answer input making for a pleasing, organic feeling experience. We designed an intuitive answer creation panel to allow contextual representation of text, images, videos, buttons and maps UI.

Businesses need to keep customers happy by fulfilling expectations and answer all questions efficiently.

Monitoring chatbot usage involves keeping on top of languages, daily activity, GDPR requests, the sentiment of conversations and any unanswered questions.The usage insight dashboard is designed to alert the user by using colour to highlight positive and negative values.

With the chatbots, there’s no need to write extensive scripts. We’ve designed the product so that you can start by uploading your most common customer questions and answers, and let Chatamo's natural language A.I. fill in the gaps for you. You can use a combination of text, images, videos, buttons and maps to answer queries.

The service was designed in a way where it’s there where you no matter what product you use or whereever you’re using it from.  Whether on messaging apps (like Facebook, Viber or Skype) or on voice devices (like Alexa or Google Home), web chat or email, Chatamo’s bots would work. Chatamo also auto-detects and responds in the same language you ask the question so you can serve your customers from anywhere in the world.

In collaboration with StudioDotInfo

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