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A massive undertaking to create a platform for smart car maintenance connecting workshop owners (B2B) to car owners (B2C) for BP / Castrol. Worked as the lead visual designer to create a design system that is applied to an end-to-end service where it includes a search & booking platform for the users as well as a profile builder tool and a task manager for the workshops.
Responsive Web App
Product Design
User Testing & Research
Design System


Carama aims to fill a gap in the market and double-down on its competitors to both consumers and workshop owners offering fully featured services. Both sides of the product so much functionality that I think reviewing the work that’s been done seperately would serve a better presentation.

Business product

Our work started focusing on the business product as we needed the workshops to be fully on board before car owners started using the service. Carama not only wants to be the go-to market place for workshop owners but also comprehensive tool where they can manage their workshop, mechanics and their schedules.

From the site map, we started mapping out the detailed product user flows. This process was both great fun and filled with a grand amount of learning curves. Due to the limited budget the project had at the time, initially we needed depend on mostly on the collective assumptions and best user experience practices. Luckily most of these decisions later got validated by our guerilla user testing; visiting nad showcasing the prototypes to the workshops in London by just showing up on their door!

I worked closely with the developers in understanding our technical constraints; from third party servic e providers, from what technology we were and were not allowed to use. By understanding these limitations and working towards our deadline (reminder: this project was agile), we had to take a step back an re-look at these flows from more of an incremental design phase implementation. This also helped the design and developer team come together and work more with a pairing mentality which I believe made our team and product delivery much stronger. By the end of the project we had created of 70 user flows, both B2B and B2C, some simple, some complicated and other’s segmented for future proofing.

Upon signing up with Carama, workshops are greeted with a profile wizard where there’s a WYSWYG tool that let’s create your presence for the consumers. The day to day management of the workshop is handled by the flagship task manager tool where you micro-manage your jobs, assign them to your mechanics, give price estimations to your clientsm etc...

Design System

Consumer product

With the completion of the MVP work of the B2B product; the team swiftly moved working on the consumer product following the same design route of conducting researchs and interviews, followed by wireframing. The team has used Userlytics to validate the design decisions on the launch market, Germany.

This opened the door to online testing  and weekly sprint iterations for when we started working on the consumer side of the platform. We wrote tests and we conducted them using Userlytics, gaining feedback and insights as we designed and developed. To our credit; most of our design decision that were based mostly on our gut instinct got validated by the users!

We observed how the users interacted with the the platform in the demo environment and each of its features that have been developed thus far. The feedback revealed some usability issues, mistranslations (which was interesting as we had a German translator, however they used more formal ‘older’ terminology for certain words). Going back and presenting the findings to the stakeholders and the team, created a much stronger belief of the design system that we’ve created.


“Can led a design process for a premium, flagship digital product with an absolute focus on innovation and excellence. The vision I had for our product  was not just bought to life by Can but bettered in every respect. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Can. Exceptional!”
-Hugh Schofield
, Product Owner, Global Head of Product and Product Operations at BP Castrol
“He has brought sensible, modern-looking and accessible design to the project. He makes sure his work is consistently of high quality and is a great asset to the team. I am looking forward to seeing his ongoing work for the project.”
-Nick Eddell, Experience Design Principal

Design Team
Nick Eddell
Yael Gold
Amar Puni
Can Saglam
Agata Yamashiro

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